Warmly welcome Christmas with the young students of Genesis Elementary School

If in the academic year 2021-2022, the Genee students didn’t have the opportunity to meet, interact, and exchange meaningful gifts for Christmas, this year, all the vibrant activities at Genesis have brought the young students a warm Advent season.

The Genesis stage lit up with the Green Choir ensemble singing “Santa Claus is coming to town.” The choir led the teachers, parents, and Genee students into a colorful and warm Christmas space. Following the program, group performances were presented one after another with the participation of 100% of the class members. Professional dance routines, crisp vocals, and well-prepared musical performances showcased the investment, creativity, and unity of the Genee students.

In addition to the performances, 10 young students who wrote interesting letters to Santa Claus appeared on stage together to receive gifts from the Organizing Committee for the Impressive Letter, Inspiring Letter, Green Message Letter, and Promising Letter.

The most anticipated moment for the Genee students today is receiving adorable gifts from Santa Claus and the excitement of drawing the gift prepared by their classmates.

Parents can immerse themselves in the peaceful and warm Christmas atmosphere at the Green Genesis School through the following photos!

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